• Putting People First

  • Thank You

    My sincerest appreciation for all the support received throughout the duration and success of my 11th Municipal election. I have always believed in “Putting People First” and it is with “thanks” and humility that I am honored again to be reelected and work with the entire Town of Oakville and of course the people of Ward 1 in Bronte & Lakeshore Woods. Please always feel free to get in touch with me for any reason and at any time. Ralph

Dear Ward 1 Resident:

Oakville has seen enormous growth and change over the past 32 years.  As a resident I have seen improvements. As your Councilor I have demonstrated a consistent commitment to doing my best to represent your interests throughout these developments.

‘Putting people first’ has been and continues to be my priority. Through public meetings, telephone calls, emails and in person discussions I have remained accessible and open to listening to what Ward 1 residents want, finding the answers that you need, and doing my best to put those priorities into action.

Enacting change does not always come quickly.  Working on the Town’s “Livable Oakville” Official Plan for example, was a multi-year project that included significant opportunity for public input to ensure a positive outcome: time required to gain a full and thorough understanding of priorities for our community. Council and Town of Oakville staff are guided by this plan.  Your continued public involvement is critical to ensuring “Liveable Oakville’s” success.

“Livable Oakville” is just one on a list of achievements that I have been proud to be part of during my terms in office. More recently the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Community and Cultural Centre and the development of the South Shell Parks lands into a popular recreational space catering to all ages are two examples of personal success stories in our ward. I was proud to be there in the beginning of each of these projects negotiating land use that served the needs of our community. We can all be proud of the commitment we made to the successful development of these spaces and the significant community assets they have become.

There is still work to be done.

More emphasis is’ being  placed on the economic development of Bronte including newly developed strategies  for The Bronte Village Mall. The unfortunate passing of the previous owner did delay the progress of the Mall , however I am working closely with the new owner and am confident that changes will begin to occur.

Our newest Community, Lakeshore Woods will have emphasis placed on recreational components.

I will continue my work on greening and environmental development and protection, greater control on land development, seeking funding for provincial and federal grants, and supporting senior, recreation, youth, arts/culture and diversity interests. More emphasis will be placed on the economic development of Bronte as well as recreational components in Lakeshore Woods. Please take time to tour my website to find out more about my demonstrated ongoing commitment to the interests of all Ward 1 residents.

Thank you for helping me to continue to put people first in our ward.

Ralph Robinson