• Putting People First

  • Thank You

    My sincerest appreciation for all the support received throughout the duration and success of my 11th Municipal election. I have always believed in “Putting People First” and it is with “thanks” and humility that I am honored again to be reelected and work with the entire Town of Oakville and of course the people of Ward 1 in Bronte & Lakeshore Woods. Please always feel free to get in touch with me for any reason and at any time. Ralph


Ensuring that future growth reflects priorities in our community and positive changes to our environment is critical. Ralph Robinson has been part of the Bronte Visioning Study, which has brought forward the longer range plans for residential and retail planning.  Properly blended planning is always a challenge.

The changing times require a positive review of density requirements and zoning in our  Bronte Commercial Core as does a second look at the negotiated OMB approval for the Bronte Village Mall which might well consider some amendments and modifications to the currently approved plan which does not appear to be working.

Ralph is ensuring that ‘smart’ development is taking place in Ward 1, including:

  • Livable Oakville, the town’s new Official Plan is a vast improvement over the previous Official Plan and which is making us far more successful at the Ontario Municipal Board.
  • Bringing the offer of Petro Canada lands known as South Shell Park to the town for final planning.
  • Assisting in the negotiation of residential planning in Bronte
  • Chair of the Environmental Steering Committee responsible for the creation of the Rebecca Street bridge over the Bronte Creek
  • Continuing management and control of Employment Lands Development- Rebecca St and Great lakes Blvd