• Putting People First

  • Thank You

    My sincerest appreciation for all the support received throughout the duration and success of my 11th Municipal election. I have always believed in “Putting People First” and it is with “thanks” and humility that I am honored again to be reelected and work with the entire Town of Oakville and of course the people of Ward 1 in Bronte & Lakeshore Woods. Please always feel free to get in touch with me for any reason and at any time. Ralph


Protecting the environment is a key issue that has resonated throughout Ralph Robinson’s terms as a Ward 1 Councillor. Be it managing the growth of algae along the waterfront, the development of Petro Canada lands into parkland, or supporting the development of the natural trail system in our Ward, Ralph has remained committed to the preservation of green spaces in Oakville.

Ralph’s commitment to the environmental projects has included:

  • The Trail through the Petro Canada Park was opposed by the area residents.  Once brought to Ralph’s attention he commenced meetings with the neighbours and staff and eventually had it reversed and returned to its’ original format.
  • Co-founding the Bronte Walkabout three decades ago, seen as a very aggressive Community improvement initiative
  • Persevered to conclude the analysis and positive conclusion of the Bronte Creek Gas and Oil Spill