• Putting People First

  • Thank You

    My sincerest appreciation for all the support received throughout the duration and success of my 11th Municipal election. I have always believed in “Putting People First” and it is with “thanks” and humility that I am honored again to be reelected and work with the entire Town of Oakville and of course the people of Ward 1 in Bronte & Lakeshore Woods. Please always feel free to get in touch with me for any reason and at any time. Ralph


Active community living opportunities support a positive lifestyle in Ward 1. Ralph Robinson has been a strong advocate of increasing amenities locally to support recreational opportunities close to home. In addition to being a strong advocate of the development of the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, Ralph continues to work on the development of recreation facilities, particularly in the Lakeshore Woods development area. Ralph is also committed to the development of a vision for the harbours that includes a variety of recreation components to more fully meet the needs and upgrade under used land.
Ralph’s work supporting active living options in Ward 1 has included:

    • Chair, Bronte Skateboard Park
    • Ombudsman for Minor Oaks Hockey
    • Leader and supporter of the creation of girls hockey
    • President of Oakville Minor Hockey
    • Led Senior Division of Kinsmen Minor Softball

Fundraiser for the reconstruction of the Oakville Arena

  • Strong supporter of Oakville Minor Soccer
  • Supports all Oakville boaters and the AOHS by insisting that the proposed harbors leasing and rental charges a community based decision
  • Harbour unused land should be review for modern community use.