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    My sincerest appreciation for all the support received throughout the duration and success of my 11th Municipal election. I have always believed in “Putting People First” and it is with “thanks” and humility that I am honored again to be reelected and work with the entire Town of Oakville and of course the people of Ward 1 in Bronte & Lakeshore Woods. Please always feel free to get in touch with me for any reason and at any time. Ralph

September 12 2014

Big News: After several promises for a library in Bronte I do believe that we will finally get one in 2015. Plans are already in the 2015 Capital forecast and while it still must go through the budget process it very close this time.

While we do have one day each week free transportation for Seniors , a student from Ryerson is compiling an in depth study on the costs and over all benefits of additional no cost transportation for Seniors. This student is Stephanie Mah.

You are welcome to join me at my Election Launch, Wed Sept 17 at Hopedale Presbyterian Church Third Line Oakville at 7.30 pm It is not a fund raiser but rather a social evening discussing the election and my plans for the next four years

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